Katherine Coe
Multidisciplinary Practice


Katherine is a graduate of the Emily Carr College of Art and Design (BFA) where she majored in printmaking / 2d studies. After graduating she continued her studies at the University of British Columbia and was apprentice to master printer Thom Pruitt of Tamarind Institute and Graphic Studio, Florida. Classically trained from an early age at the piano, Katherine has been exploring a better understanding of the cello under the tutelage of Vancouver cellist and composer Elizabeth Knudson and cellist Patrick Smith. She is one of the founding members of the artist collaborative project Beautiful Frontier and is exploring the evocative possibilities of the installation medium and has an interest in utilizing her music background to create equally educing soundscape accompaniments. Recently, Katherine has reastablished her practice in the printmaking mediums of lithography and intaglio and is a member of Malaspina Printmakers Society. Being primarily of Russian and Metis Nation descent, elements of history, myth, identity and place figure prominently in her work. Katherine lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.